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About LPZmethod

LPZmethod is high intensity training for growth, utilizing condensed rest periods

and training multiple muscle groups in each workout.



Body sculpting
is in the detail

A variety of exercises and tempos ensures my training targets every muscle group from various angles. This is how you develop the muscle symmetry of an athletic sports model physique.  I utilize a combination of proven training methods to maximize fast results. My clients are blown away with what they can achieve with my short intense sessions.


We push until failure, for fast muscle response. 

To trigger the growth response LPZmethod clients are encouraged to really push their exercise until failure. When putting your muscles through a stress it can’t yet completely handle, they grow to manage that level of intensity, adapting to meet that stress. This is also facilitated with a calorie surplus to provide the nutritional requirements to assist muscle growth. This method is supported by fitness experts such as Mike Mentzer.

LPZmethod is more than just beach muscles.

Your ’Show’ is equally matched with go.

While building your physique with LPZmethod athleticism isn’t compromised, its improved by training both anaerobic and alactic energy systems. I develop a complete athlete, with dynamic cross training, explosive cardio to improve power, strength, acceleration and agility.  

LPZmethod is also about sharing knowledge.

I’ve spent years studying industry experts, as well as testing and trialing fitness methods to learn what works. I don’t just train, I accelerate my clients exercise knowledge so they have a greater understanding of their body and how to harness its potential. This knowledge brings out greater self confidence and often leads to improved mental health.  

Your trainers

LPZmethod is run by Lachy and Paula,  qualified personal trainers with over 40 years of gym and fitness experience. 

Our experience accelerates your results.  Everything is tried and tested. We can get you where you want faster. 

No mirrors, no egos, no judgement,

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