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The method to my madness


About LPZmethod

LPZmethod is a private community fitness studio based in

North Brighton, Adelaide, SA.  


Join us for in-person Group Fitness and Personal Training,  

as well as Customised Online Programs available anywhere. 

LPZmethod specializes in:

  • Strength and Conditioning - including sports focused agility.

  • HIIT - dynamic full body high intensity interval training.

  • Resistance Training - targeting upper and lower body.

LPZmethod is about GRIT AND RESULTS. 


We don't waste time. 

This will CHALLENGE you!

LPZmethod was created to push you harder than you thought possible. 

Quality training SUPPORT

I'm invested in helping you reach your goals faster.

You benefit from years of training experience.  

About your trainer

LPZmethod is run by Lachy, a qualified personal trainer with over 15 years of gym and fitness experience. 

  • Winner of Australian Natural Bodybuilding (ANB) competition 2014, over 90kg weight class, SA

  • Strength and Conditioning coaching for Woodville West Torrens Eagles Football, 2020.

  • Two years of competitive power lifting.

My experience accelerates your results.  Everything is tried and tested. I can get you where you want faster. 

You want to be challenged

You want to be pushed harder than you thought possible. It's about pushing personal limits.   

Muscle Builders:
You want to build & shape your body

You want to reshape your body and build muscle fast, with noticeable results.

Fitness Freaks:
You want enhanced fitness & agility

You want to rebuild or significantly enhance your fitness and sports agility. 

You want to lose weight & tone

You want to lose excess fat and tone up your body with the right support to get results. 

Who is LPZmethod for?

LPZmethod services

LPZmethod services include Group Training sessions at our North Brighton Studio.

We also offer personal training and online programs. 

Hear from our clients

“It's been one of the best things I've ever done, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

I really enjoy the variety of workouts, every muscle group gets attention. 

I thought it would take months of training to get noticeable results, but it was easy to notice changes in size and strength in a couple of weeks.  

I feel the best I ever have, both physically and mentally.”


(Group Training)

"The positive results I've achieved while working with Lachlan have been amazing.

I've lost 30kg and I am at a fitness level I never thought I'd achieve.

He was fantastic at assisting with the transition from intensive weight loss, to sustaining fitness. I am more confident, motivated, physically fit, and I have a more positive mental attitude. LPZmethod is to credit"


(Personal Training)

“Wow, what a 12 weeks!

I couldn't have achieved these results without LPZmethod.

I learned so many new techniques and movements I had never heard of, let alone done. They've made a MASSIVE difference. Lachy was always checking in, seeing how the body was coping, if there were any changes we needed to make. Encouraging me to keep pushing hard”


(12 week Online Program)

Get started with LPZmethod

Get in touch to get started. Fill out the request form and let me know what program you're interested in.

First group session is free. 

Service Areas:

North Brighton Studio, South Australia 5048

Online coaching programs available anywhere. 

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Thanks for your message, I'll be in touch ASAP!

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