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Strength & Performance
Old School Gym


About LPZmethod

LPZmethod Strength & Performance is a community based gym with a classic old school vibe.

Located in Melrose Park, SA, owned and operated by husband and wife team Lachlan and Paula Zrim.

Our facility is fully equipped with elite strength training and power lifting equipment and we are the only facility in South Australia with an extensive collection of Nautilus 1st Generation equipment available to our members, world renowned as the greatest strength building equipment ever created.


Our Nautilus pieces have been fully restored and we present them to you in a nostalgic old school gym aesthetic that is a feast for all of your senses.

At LPZmethod we specialize in:

  • High Intensity Training - Strength Training that conditions you Anaerobically.

  • Strength Training and Programming - Periodised weight training using the highest quality free weights and machines with implemented progression.

  • HIIT - Sports Conditioning that adopts a combination of Cross Training with Plyometrics, agility and short intense cardiovascular conditioning.

  • Rehabilitation - Experienced step by step process dealing with joint and soft tissue injuries to athletes and vulnerable populations.

  • Recovery - State of the art recovery suite with Kiva Wellness Infra Red Sauna, Odin Ice Bath & Normatec Compression Recovery Systems.

  • Dietary Guidance - Customized, goal specific dietary targets & body composition tracking.


LPZmethod group training is about GRIT AND RESULTS.  Our workouts are INTENSE AND EFFECTIVEWe don't waste time. 

This will CHALLENGE you! LPZmethod was created to safely push you harder than you thought possible. 

Our years of first hand training experience as well as extensive experience as trainers ensures your success in your health and fitness journey.

We provide quality training SUPPORT.

WE'RE invested in helping you reach your goals faster.

Who is LPZmethod for?

If you have the desire to make a positive change in your life,

to improve your health and fitness and be part of a supportive and inclusive community,

then LPZmethod is for you.

We have the skills, equipment, knowledge and experience to safely and effectively train anyone

regardless of age, physical ability or fitness level.

For complete novices, through to elite athletes and every level between.

If you have a fitness, physique, or health goal LPZmethod will help you reach it faster and teach you how to sustain and maintain your highest quality of life.

The Mum's & Dad's,
The office workers,
The legends

You want to improve your fitness to keep up with your young children.

Or maybe your 9 -5 desk job has you feeling sluggish on the weekend and something needs to change.

Maybe you just want to carry all the shopping in from the car in one trip. 

No matter your goal or your starting point LPZmethod will get you there.

You want to lose weight & tone your body

You want to lose excess fat and tone your body.

You want a sustainable change that you can maintain. 

We provide the right support to get you the results you're after. We share our knowledge and skills to maintain your optimal health.


You want to build & sculpt your body

You are a seasoned body builder wanting to push you already developed physique to the next level,

or a complete novice wanting to reshape your body and build muscle fast, with noticeable results.


We utilize a combination of proven training methods and a variety of exercises and tempos ensures our training targets every muscle group from various angles, ensuring the most symmetrical and balanced physique development and rapid results.


You want enhanced fitness & agility

You are starting out on your first 'couch to 5k', dreaming of running a marathon.

Or you're playing A grade in your sport of choice and looking for an edge to your performance.

You want to rebuild or significantly enhance your fitness and sports agility. 

LPZmethod HIIT training will take you to the next level.

LPZmethod Services

Our range of services include:​

  • Nautilus (HIT) and Free Weight Strength Training programming.

  • Group Training including Strength, Sports Conditioning, Plyometrics, Cross Training and Agility.

  • State of the art recovery suite with Infra Red Sauna, Odin ice bath and Normatec Recovery systems.

  • Nutritional Planning and Dietary guidance to support your individual goals.

  • Personal training services (1:1 or couples/partner training) & can facilitate rehabilitation from injury.

  • Biannual 8 Week Transformation Challenges.

  • Complete online coaching service.

Hear from our clients

“It's been one of the best things I've ever done, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

I really enjoy the variety of workouts, every muscle group gets attention. 

I thought it would take months of training to get noticeable results, but it was easy to notice changes in size and strength in a couple of weeks.  

I feel the best I ever have, both physically and mentally.”


(Group Training)

"The positive results I've achieved while working with Lachlan have been amazing.

I've lost 30kg and I am at a fitness level I never thought I'd achieve.

He was fantastic at assisting with the transition from intensive weight loss, to sustaining fitness. I am more confident, motivated, physically fit, and I have a more positive mental attitude. LPZmethod is to credit"


(Personal Training)

“Wow, what a 12 weeks!

I couldn't have achieved these results without LPZmethod.

I learned so many new techniques and movements I had never heard of, let alone done. They've made a MASSIVE difference. Lachy was always checking in, seeing how the body was coping, if there were any changes we needed to make. Encouraging me to keep pushing hard”


(12 week Online Program)

Get started with LPZmethod

Get in touch to get started! 

Fill out the request form and let us know what service you're interested in.

Keen to give us a try but unsure which service is right for you?

No problem!

We have a free 1 week trial available so you can sample everything we have to offer - type FREE TRIAL in your submission and we'll be in touch.



8 Marion Street, Melrose Park, SA


0406 110 836  or  0409 284 518

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